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  1. I have a GEO 618 I could sell.
  2. Thanks Jenson! Well the bracket I built can accommodate either 3 30s or 4 15s not all 7. The cutouts are solely for weight reductions. the lights mount via hole patterns on actual light using 10x32 screws. I'm using 3 ecotech radion hanging kits to suspend the lights and ecotech couldn't give me a weight rating for the cables. I've actually have removed the canopy, I was just too big, made it difficult to get into the tank. I'm currently in process of building new light mount as I preordered 6 radion xr15 gen5 for better coverage since the tank is 36" deep.
  3. Thanks dude! I rarely get on myself.
  4. Thanks Kirk! you have skills as well....I've seen your tanks. Armored seams are simply a 3/8" x 1/4" strip of glass they silicone into the corners to stiffen the joints as well as protect them from scraper blades.
  5. tank doing enough to sustain life. IMG_9091.m4v
  6. the sump along with video of glass cutting with water jet. IMG_8983.m4v
  7. Around September 1st this year, I finally gave in. Started the plans for another 300g tank. Ever since I got rid of my previous 300 I have not been happy with a smaller tank. Beginning of September I started planning my next 300. Went back and forth on which manufacture I wanted to use....Had my mind on a Marineland 300dd even with all the horror stories to save some pennies. About few weeks went by, jump on here and yet again seen another failure. scared the hell out of me. So I went ahead pulled the trigger on a planet 300dd. Ordered the tank on Nov. 19, due to me in 4 weeks. Tank came in on Dec. 20th, I've been working it with all my spare time between the holidays.....I prepped as much as I could prior to tank arrival. Built the stand, bought what equipment I needed, and made 400g of RO water to give an idea of my prepping. See tank details below. 300g deep dimension from planet aquariums 36x72x27 center overflow drilled for 5 1" bulkheads. armored seams, euro braced and center braced. bottom of tank is 1/4" glass cut so the bulkhead sit flush agains the 1/2" expanded pvc bottom. running bean animal overflow 1.25" x .125 wall steel tube stand wrapped in wood. major panels are magnetic and removable. stand is 36.75x80x42 125g standard tank is the sump. bought glass, siliconed in baffles. learned something new with this. how to cut glass with a water jet since I had the glass cut .1875" too thick... Vectra L2 return pump....this thing seems so much more powerful than the L1 Aqua UV 57 watt sterilizer Reef Octopus Regal 300-int skimmer Avast Marine K1 Kalkwasser Reactor Apex 2 DOS 3 FMM 1 Onelink Bob Trident Atk Wxm Ald 5 optical sensors 1 MP60 2 MP40 2 Wavs 800w primary heater 300w secondary heater 2 xr30 radions 2 xr15 radions Vectra S1 for manifold Whew I know theres more but my fingers are cramping haha. Will post photos and more information later...
  8. Well, I did a thing a few weeks ago.....won't add to this thread with it. Bought another 300dd from planet. will start a new thread soon. new tank is already running. been busting my butt to get to a point where I can cruise with setting everything up since the 20th of December. keep your eyes peeled!
  9. Tick tick! looks good from the drafting lets see what the real deal looks like.... Whats the eta of tank arrival?
  10. I wish mine were anywhere close to those numbers. I got up to 8.0 yesterday with windows open all day. Normally 7.6-7.85 daily ph. I have growth but feel like could be much better if I had higher numbers. I’ve used scrubbers before on the 300, it exhausted very quick tho a couple days at max. I will give it another shoot on this 90 maybe smaller skimmer will Not exhaust the media as quick. Maybe even run only during the night. .
  11. My carx is sitting in the garage. Wish I could use it. So easy to use, don’t have to worry about dosing and pure stability. But, I don’t have good gas exchange in my home and the carx lowers my ph too much. .
  12. Need to come my way Jenson, have tons of acros. Trying this theory, vendors claim cutting induces growth. .
  13. I use same sand, don’t dose kalk. Have no clumps. Honestly like this sand the best of the past ones I’ve had. .
  14. is it filled yet with water, sand and rock?
  15. damn Jenson that sucks....I feel your pain I hate how one little thing can cause significant problems in this hobby. BUT like the rest of us, you'll continue to try lol.
  16. Sweet tank Kirk! I miss my 300 Planet tank, I’m sure you’ll love it. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. .
  17. Just get a cartridge filter canister and two fittings from home depot to run some carbon in.
  18. The biological side on my tank shouldn’t have change. I used same rock only difference from this small tank and the 300 is no sand in the small tank. I’m perplexed. Only thing I can think of is quick swings in nutrients compared to the 300. I’ve chased pretty much every lead I can..going to get a slightly bigger tank to see if this helps. .
  19. Sweet sticks! Tank looks great. Hope you have better luck than I’m having with this small tank. .
  20. Thanks guys, it’s definitely much different than having the 300. After having a big tank then going back to small it’s much more challenging .
  21. made some changes to the tank between yesterday and today.....Note to self, never try to use a canister filter again AND never buy a non-drilled tank...So much easier with a sump. Anyways I removed the canister filter, installed HOB overflow and a Ice Cap 24 sump with Vectra S1. These ice cap sumps are pretty nice! It has ATO compartment built in, a probe rack, and a dosing rack. It also has a nifty scale stuck to it to show water depth in inches. Pretty quality piece if someone is looking for a sump. Not a real big fan of HOB overflows but I didn't want to drain tank to drill an overflow. So get it installed everything running, checking for leaks and of course the bulkhead is leaking. Small leak so I wrapped with a towel for the night and replaced it today. Not sure what was wrong with it but it just wouldn't seal. Oh another complaint about HOB overflow is the noise. After some google searching I found a mod to the drain called Stockman overflow. After three trips to each home depot or Tractor supply I finally have a nice and quiet overflow and no leaks. Geez, the plan was to down size and not have to deal with issues....guess issue never end. Did some rock movement since install of the HOB overflow, looks much better.
  22. Thanks Dave, here’s a couple more pics from this morning. .