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  1. I have a 135 gallon tank, stand, canopy, sump, & skimmer I am looking to get rid of. Looking to trade it for some coral. Nothing in particular. Just a mixed bag. Let me know what you got to offer. If you have question about the tank let me know.
  2. I am over 500 on calcium with the Red Sea kit. I change water once a week.
  3. Have been checking my calcium and mag levels ever since I set up my tank. I dose nothing and every time I check my calcium and mag levels they are off the chart. Using Red Sea test kit. Using Red Sea coral pro salt. Alk runs constant at 9-10 dkh. Every time I run a test I run out of reagent. Don’t have a huge amount of coral but I would think they would consume some?? Is it this salt? I am all about not having to dose anything but are those high level bad??