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  1. Mine is still doing pretty good. Most of the hair algae is gone with the exception of a few isolated spots. Turf algae is dwindling away and the bubble algae I had is now gone. .
  2. I started once a week with 12ml, but I increased to twice a week until all algae is gone. .
  3. The tank is doing well. Most of the hair algae is gone with the exception of a few spots on top of one rock. The red algae that is on the sand bed, is starting to die off as well. My corals are doing great and the rate that algae grows on the class is almost non-existent. All my water specs are where they should be. I have been doing weekly water changes and this is working to keep everything in check. I still say this stuff works very well. I was very skeptical as well. I have always followed the advice of "old timers" in the hobby. Their advised is almost always the same; there are no short cuts, routine maintenance is the only way to ensure a successful tank. I still believe that, but this stuff, to me, is a bit of a helping hand getting rid of a problem that plagues most reefers eventually. When I researched Vibrant, I figured it was worth a shot at only $20. Of the huge thread on R2R, there were almost zero bad reviews. I say "almost" because I didn't read all 60+ pages of the thread, but I read a good bit and did not read one bad review. I figured, that's very rare today, so I gave it a shot. I'm glad I did, I'll be ordering a larger bottle next time.
  4. Most of my die off was either in the over flow, cuc took care of it or I used a net to scoop it out when I did my WC. .
  5. I'm dosing once a week. I just did my third dose yesterday. So far I have noticed a significant reduction in algae, both on rocks and on the glass, but I also noticed the water is super clear and my corals seem to have more color, especially my monti cap.
  6. Good/ bad? Should I do anything about it? .
  7. So I found this under my candy cane coral which is on the sand bed. .
  8. No, not yet. With the results I'm seeing so far I'm not sure if twice a week is necessary! I think I'm going to stick with once a week for at least a month to see the progress. May do twice a week after that if I still have algae present. .
  9. One week after the first dose of Vibrant and I have to say so far I am impressed, to say the least!! Here are pics to compare. The first pics in each set are prior to the first dose of Vibrant and the second pic was taken today, which is one week after the first dose. I have not done any maintenance to the tank yet this week. I have not scrubbed or blown off any rocks yet. I have the say the results are pretty amazing. The glass is cleaner, the water is clearer and the fish and corals have not been affected whatsoever.
  10. I finally just made a new photobucket account. Couldn't get google pics or google drive to work. And the files were too big to upload to the site.
  12. I see that google photos will not embed into the post. Other than Photobucket, does anyone know how to embed pics into a post? Can this be done from Google Photos? Disregard, I just made another photobucket account
  13. I started using Vibrant after reading the posts here and on R2R. I have some pics and I'll keep adding to this thread every week. Here are pics the day I started using Vibrant.
  14. I read most of the R2R thread and I was convinced. I just ordered some to see if it will get rid of some bubble algae and hair algae I have been fighting. Will post my results when I start using the stuff.
  15. Does anyone know how much Aquatic Specialities charges to service a tank? By service I mean, a water change, filter sock changes, empty skimate, etc., basic husbandry. Do you have to sign a contract with them or can you use them as needed?