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  1. Incase you haven’t found any yet I know it’s way back in June was when this was posted i used to use the tiles from Lowe’s but it was a hassle cutting them and stuff so I use this guys disc and tiles now I have 4x4 tiles https://www.reefway.org/disks-and-plugs.html#/
  2. What’s your price range? Mid range? High end zoa?
  3. Coming to Nola area anytime soon?
  4. Txt you my phone is 334 area code
  5. What’s the size in the tank? And dimensions I have someone interested in a tank atm
  6. Currents it self don’t give that much par itself just the quality and tbh you wouldn’t know unless you had a par meter to measure .
  7. 50g looks big to me lol my tanks a 50 36x18x20/21 one of them two lol .
  8. Tbh currents are eh lights specially if you want to get into corals which will require more par or so but the currents are good for soft corals and stuff, but for SPS and some LPS it won’t be good .
  9. Takeee your time on things lol bc you can spend a lot of money on killing stuff lol...what lights are you using? .
  10. Man he has gems hiding in this tank too haha
  11. Why don't u buy the raffles and I'll pick it up for Ya Benjy just saying INCASE u want to try to win stuff bro
  12. Thanks Kirk trying step up with Ya big dogs in sps lol
  13. Chalice acan candy cane shrooms area Zoas/palys hammers/frogspawn scoly area lol still got a big enough spade behind tie euphoria for something not sure what though
  14. Will get better pics of the tank tomorrow when it clears up and is brighter
  15. Been a while but lots of changes lately moved my tank from Slidell to New Orleans and that was a two man job thanks to ihigh who helped me but changed up the scape too thanks to Tupes rock I got from him while back got rid of most the Zoas/palys and I'm slowly venturing into the stick world lol yea I said it STICKS won't be hardcore but imma plan to make it a mix tank with everything changes for 2015
  16. Any pics of it in your tank yet?! I'm curious to see it
  17. Serious if u buy it but make sure it's like 2" and ill toss it in there
  18. What else can I stock my tank with or is it maxed Marine betta 3" Kole tang 3" 6 like wrasse 2" Snowflake clown 1.5"
  19. Hahah if u ever swing by bobby U can see my rock work there's maybe 5 rocks in that tank Max and I can do what u said too rip them out if I need to
  20. Russssellll I needa find time to go over there !! Lol
  21. Glad Imma be in the lakeshore estates across the street from the ha or center
  22. I saw it but it was a wall if t was a branching it woulda been gone lol but it did look nice man