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  1. Sigh idk what to save money for car parts or gun parts or coral -__- so much expensive hobby
  2. I got sole ultimate darkness Ultimate chaos Burning ember Chiquita's
  3. Which hammer u got Benjy the one with the blue tips in it ?
  4. Picked up a few high end z/p waiting for Ihigh to take pics and post em or send to me
  5. Full tank shot I guess it about 7/8 months old now My eyphlyia garden
  6. No but every other Yuma and ric has split on me except the purple/gold
  7. Glad your in Nola now means I can swing by and just snag what I like [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  8. Thanks I have 5 polpys but cut two and one will be my fragging other will be a mini colony
  9. Bi color hammer prob one if the best bi color I have even Ihigh has a nice one but it's a frogspawn I started my scoly collection lol White mostly Blues
  10. We'll been a long time since I updated this build thread New additions To control my algae problem I have Better pic of my purple gold Yuma (LSU) Rastas Utter chaos
  11. Man they coloring up nice hai
  12. Hahahah I did one my self and man oh man I spent some money and it was fun but not worth my time lol
  13. Lol take one tomorrow before I come over
  14. Where a close up pic of my two frags lol
  15. hmm imma ask a few of my customers that dive to bring me some and see if they can find any out here in the gulf
  16. Imma come over Sunday I check this big <BAD WORD> out lol
  17. I been using it in my tank last week and could of days and it's awesome
  18. New addition to my tank Not sure if it's a wellso or trachy Benjy said wellso but I'm thinking trachy BC it's pointy? Purple wall frogspawn My FTS is only 2.5-3 months old I think Sps is good to go garf starting to encrust and got another test piece from my good friend Ihigh idol which it was but it was from his copps sps buyout I think it's the hulk Mille I'm sure Ihigh will chime in and tell y'all what it is
  19. hmmm i had a phone call today someone mistaken me for a person who bought a 250G DD tank and asked where it shoulda been delivered =( man i coulda have been upgraded straight up there with yal but i was good hearted and told him wrong person
  20. BN but find a different color one none of that green lol and blastos then doesn't bother me
  21. So it's official we are both doing a BLASTOS BC non of us has played with em and cant think of anything that will grow moderate in 5 months so blastos it is anyone have any they can frag for us ? Around 1/2 heads
  22. Lol uh huh well I'll take it EASY on u though give u a handicap since u did just move everything from the 29g to the 40 so guess it will be me taking it easy on u Austin don't want it to die in u now ALSO I Forgot to mention that I dose FUEL 3-4 times a week 9 ml each time and running skimmer less