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  1. Damnnnnn huh all this shut talking behind my back I'm game acro it is then but sorry no specs till tonight 50g tank running for 3 months only zoa/Paly tank with Lps and a few sps 2 ai sols blues bout to upgrade to the hydra52 when I stop procrastinating to order them Last I check Mg 1450 Cal 550 Alk 7.8 but I have been bring it up with baking soda But acro it is
  2. I would like that Lars but it's a thing btw me and Korbe here lol BC he doesn't wanna convert to led and always says he can beat me in growing stuff but next one we can do one Your capt so funny u just don't know what my tank is capable of now
  3. Blue lights White lights Cornbread bowser Blue lights White Arc fireball Blue lights White Hyper Phoenix Avalanche people eater No name waiting for Jason fox to release the name and price per polyp
  4. Lollll shouldn't be embarrassed but it looks like it starting to I see it bout to leave a small piece of foot on the rock
  5. Hahahaba well at first I was like hmmm cute person taking pics hahaha but now I no who ya are prob be awhile till I see ya unless we can work on a Yuma trade lol I still want a hot pink or pink one u have idk I might remeber I was over at zoanthids booth chilling with him most the time
  6. Yea yea.... soooo I guess I did see u though Kim snapping pics left and right at the fragniapoe no wonder why Benjy always wanting to see some top Down shots lmfao
  7. I heard scuttlebutt sucks lol usually go to ricks or penthouse
  8. Cornbread bowser with 10+p with babies Above the bowsers are voodoo Paly with 2p avalanche people eater in the front (Rare and hard to find ) Besides the APE is the ARC fireball Paly Above the fire ball is the aztecias or something like that Hyper Phoenix But will get better pics when my macro lens comes in But got total of 9 frags of Zoas 3 of which are still unnamed and haven't been released yet. one of the three is from Jason fox just waiting in the name
  9. but I needs come over for something else
  10. Share some I need that skimmer for my 50g lol been sharking one when they had that sale for blak Friday but never saw it come back to stock so now my chance to get one GL buddy BC Imma plan in winning something a few if not all
  11. I can use the Rodi and the skimmer guess Imma bust out the $200 for 200 raffles
  12. Lol his collection alright I seen better ;D... Jk really clean and nice collection he has been over a few times and just wanna steal some of the euphyllias the nicer ones and some of his acans too
  13. Great tank!!! Seen it in person!!!
  14. bout time u made a account russel!! glad ya made it!! but im calling one frag of that acan u bought from the store the other day lol
  15. All of benjy kids are devious!!!
  16. Hovering over my used to be dragons breath lol only 2 1/2-3" long YT Tyree neon green toadstool
  17. Ahhh been busy with school haven't updated on my tank lol but new stuff in my tank Yellow tang for loons and lol algae control and which completely destroyed my dragons breath I totaled forgot they love that <BAD WORD> . Came home from work and saw him hovering over it then though eh then saw no dragons breath but eh lol 2 peppermint shrimp for aptasia 1 harlequin shrimp for Astra stars 1 cleaner And 1 starry Blenny for algae control Coral Torch and few more hammers Candy canes Tyree neon green toadstool small one Pink lemonade chalice
  18. http://m.lowes.com/product?langId=-1&storeId=10702&catalogId=10051&productId=50056875&store=595&view=detail&nValue=4294801215 That's the bulb I'm using for my fuge and it stays on 24/7 and <BAD WORD> is growing hard core with minimum flow I have a valve I can adjust the flow
  19. Thanks man it's just my mini money maker to help me pay for my school books :/ and school
  20. Updates on the tank full top down of my tank All my WWC zoas which I'm about to move them on to a rock so they can grow on it Devils armor zoas Will be making a zoa pack soon
  21. I was gonna say I have a spare bedroom if anyone needs at my house lol I'm only like less then 5 miles away
  22. Simple and clean looking I like it
  23. Yea mines are all getting lights full on 100/100% on the highest point and they are loving it and doing great
  24. Lmfao really ?!? I still have that lil rock u gave me mike and they are doing awesome!!! I currently have 13/14 different zoas mostly all from WWC plus another 4 more from ihigh the rainbows Sakura,Mohawks, gold mauls , and RPE