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  1. Thanks guys I was given a acro and holy <BAD WORD> I'm not ready for that yet lol but gonna start small and make some money back by making zoa packs then when I'm ready imma jump into the Sps lol but for now it's Lps and zoas
  2. Update on what's in my tank so far Aussie Rainbow acans My freebie from WWC the WWC Aussie toxic acro Magicians since I know Kim loves em
  3. Went to his house yesterday and OMGGGGGG it was really really nice setup was awesome the acro was just crazy to see and howuch he had in the tank too but the best was seeing them Christmas tree Thanks for having me over yesterday Phil!!!!
  4. man i cant wait for this !!! it ssoo close to my house and a few of us whose in slidell!! mannnnnn
  5. how much are u looking for i have a bit but got a frag of any zoas or anything? rather trade then sell but if not its cool just let me know
  6. thanks its where my zoas gonna go on top and cover it up lol
  7. Couldn't take it anymore so I took my razer nano led down from my 5g and stuck it on here and doesn't look to bad but might cut a hole on too my canopy to set the led on so it can have more spread by being higher
  8. My first inhabitants blue and red leg hermit crabs also horseshoe crab my bro got me for my bday it it's already under the sand
  9. Got my light and Chaedoe growing for my pods
  10. After a few days of it running how it looks like when it's CLEAR!!
  11. Gotcha wasn't sure if u dose or spot feed em lol
  12. Laniiiii just wondering what do you feed your corals?
  13. Lol don't be my next one is going to be a 200 u can be jealous then hehe
  14. Omg I want HOT PINK YUMA!!! After my good drops one ill trade you
  15. Let the cycling begin!!!! With my frag rack Made in there
  16. Yea I'll prob do that tonight but that was a test run to make sure everything worked fine lol but still needa tweak that and that's about it but thanks for the advice Kirk and knight
  17. Yea I haven't put no sand yet so that's a good thing but thanks guys for the heads up really appreciate that!!! But yea I'll have more LR in there just slowly gonna add em but sump gonna have LR and chadoe But I love it myself the lil cave for low light coral I can toss in there lol
  18. Thanks mike yea I like the simple scape look
  19. Lmao I'm still doing good BC I haven't put noo sand yet that was just a mock to see but imma take it out now that you said it
  20. Ooooo ic did you ask them why they regretted?
  21. Video of my tank running going to get that gurgling noise fixed by sticking a pipe with drilled holes in it http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pBnhEgbGw7o
  22. Oops forgot about this too lol egg crates The rock setup I'm loving it gonna barely have that many rocks gonna keep it simple and low key
  23. Thanks guys lol my friend was like I got a container !! And then bam ice cream lol but that was a test run with freshwater but everything is looking good today is gonna get it filled up with the saltwater and get it set up with stuff and also today be the day I should he getting my shipment in since it's been two weeks !!