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  1. Finally finished it came out to be a budget build and oldschool with theolastic tub lol excuse the ice cream on it Glued in Filler her up Refuge set up I have a video but idk if it can be posted on here of it running
  2. Lani what app is that for the gif?!?!?!
  3. Hmmm may need to get my 200 set up and get going so I can have space in my tanks lol
  4. Hmm I'll wash it and charge ya what's your most expensive piece of coral
  5. 1 i think ya wife lent it to me ;] 2. yea i know i needa go get some rocks and get it going
  6. yea i know haha was busy at work then i forgot about it lol but im trying mannn lol getting there lol slowly time to get it to look like ALL YALLS tank thanks kirk hehe thanks mike we needa get this thing going!! if ya free on monday txt me!! so we can start the sump and ill start the water mixing and get it going
  7. When I got the tank pulled it all into my fish room Day later I couldn't sleep so Gave it a break and came back at it
  8. hush i was at work!!! and it got busy -___- pics will come gahhh
  9. Guess I'll start a build thread on this 50g I got and it make it step by step when I add or upgrade things my buddy was kind enough to give me his 50g drilled with canopy and stand
  10. Hmm looks like imma needa stop by and cause destruction hahah jk but I do needa stop by and check this out
  11. Sorry for it being blue but I had turned down all my lights BC I came home and saw most my birdsnest bleached so I turned down all my lights
  12. Thanks to a great reefer from Baton Rouge he hooked me up while I was in BR today
  13. Came in the other day for my tank upgraded the return pump for the nano
  14. Imma try to swap day for work out so I can attend one meeting I hope I can get some frags in time
  15. Anyone in the Slidell area going let me know looking for small Sps frags that's either purple,blue,pink,mostly those three colors but any orange and maybe green if it lights up under moon lights won't hurt this is goin in a 5g fluval spec V txt me if y'all going and send me some pics I'll pay ya for em 334-663-8755
  16. Damn doing good huh hopefully my bird will do good and I'll frag ya one off it too lol
  17. Nope I think it's a bird of paradise but not to sure :/ my gf picked it out BC it was pretty lol
  18. Newest edition to my 60g Newest edition to my 5 Flash on Flash off
  19. glad ya made it home with the new fish but sucker was huge we had a even bigger one but idk what happened to it =/
  20. thanks yea it is man im looking for a rimless one not to deep either want one thats like 36x24x18