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  1. ty its slowly comin along lol thanks man its soon to be great lol just not yet
  2. but im itching for a real nice rimless tank that can go in MY house not my gf's lol
  3. the guy claims it a 60G butttt i took the demensions down and i think its a 50G 36/18/18 which reads out to be 50G on the caculator thats on the internet and the canister was brand new only a month old but i got it all for 200 with rocks and filter which i cleaned out and put new stuff in
  4. In the bigger tank I have a RBTA ,LTA , blue hippo, black clown, yellow tang
  5. Then I got hungry and saltwater got more addicting lolll so I was browsing and found a saltwater tank on craiglist and got it and t was made by fluval also but instead of it being at my house it's at my gf house BC her mom wanted a tank so I stuck it there for her that's how it looked like when i came over to look at it and confirm my deal Started all over and It now looks like that's my nano light over it just doing a test run and it looks amazing currenty equipment in that tank is Hydor Slim Skim Hydor 4 power head hydor 25W heater intank hydormeter checking salinity and Fluval 306 canister filter with a modified cut off valve incase power goes out with
  6. My fluval when it started at my gf house Then she neglected it so I brought it to my house and started over after I got it cycled I started with this just a rock with mushroom and some snails and hermits and my cleaner After a few days I got the upgraded powerhead and stuck a hydor 240 in there And my friend gave me a birdsnest frag red monti cap and devils hand frag an I bought a mushroom rock from pets plus still on the stock LED bar that came with the Spec V only putting 7400k =( After few months it was doing good but I wanted more so I looked into upgrading the lighting was wanting a Kessil a150 but I found a great deal from a former reefer in here thanks to Jrodinnola i jut got the Maxspect razer 420r nano and loving it . Sorry glass is dirty but cleaned it up
  7. Well i have met a few of yall from the store names anthony and i haven't shown y'all my tanks i started this hobby from being in the freshwater for my whole life and start this SALTWATER this year i start with the fluval spec V just bc i was bored and mostly bc my gf wanted Saltwater bc the fish are "BRIGHT" which freshwater has too but yea and my inspiration start from this thread which help me start where i am today even though i dont have much im slowly coming along and getting there http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2323558
  8. Oh yea there's a spotted puffer as well forgot about that thing loll and yea
  9. Lmfaoo that thingy had it's mouth wide open waiting for you to give it CPR!!!!
  10. Sooo excited just bought a bigger saltwater tank still gonna have my 5G saltwater but just bought one 60G in Metairie for sooooo cheap I can't wait to get it set up and show the pics to ya guys
  11. I wish I could go but went to aquatic specialties today and it had been almost 3 years but looking soo good glad they got Kessil lights for sale there too now just need to save money lol