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  1. There's a REALLY good breeder in new Orleans area but not sure of your price range...i just sold 2 for 2000 each but around here the prices are 2500+ but if your interested I can get the name and number of the dude in nola for you


  2. You feeding reef roids by chance? When I used to feed it to my zoas by target feeding you could literally watch them mushroom up

    The elongated stalks I would agree with needing more light. Not always more light per say but if they are getting the spectrum of light they need

    I do needa start feeding mines fauna Marin Zoa/mushroom food lol

  3. That's like jawbreaker mushrooms as well.

    Yup and same with the WWC BOUNCE to they going for 500 for a baby and a adult with nice size bubble is going 900-1200

    But z/p still hold value specially a sought after one called a Krakatoa it's been over 5 years and it's so rare to even find em on the market but they going for 800-1000pp but it's not BC ppl are buying em for that price it's just a rare gen just like some sticks are rare

  4. They do not hold value. They are only worth what people are willing to pay. Some people just fall into the name game.

    Some z/p do hold value though like JP bowsers are still 250pp this is years old

    Strats actually and prob went up 250-350 now

    ADONIs 200 still over three years