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  1. Oh just rub it in huh[emoji6] . She actually showed me that fish yesterday from Facebook I think. .
  2. She's claimed this Saturday to go and watch a volleyball tournament. .
  3. I wish I could make it. I got the ok from the boss to add some scolys. What luck! .
  4. Can't wait to see this build. Love big tank builds. Easiest way I've found is tapatalk from your phone. If not, use a photo hosting site and embed the link. .
  5. Thank you for not starving your fish to keep "perfect" nutrient levels. .
  6. Aptasia rx worked wonders for me. Much better than aptasia x by red sea.
  7. That was just made my wife ask "what the h#$! Is so funny?" .
  8. What is this piece. If you ever frag it I'd really like a piece. .
  9. You must have that magic potion because those colonies look amazing. [emoji22] .
  10. The how tos that I saw used much coarser sand. It work in the cichlid tank sort of but there was significantly less flow than in a reef tank. The problem I had was getting it to continually pull sand from the bottom. .
  11. I tried that in my cichlid tank some time ago. Failed miserably .
  12. Guess I have something to look into this weekend .
  13. I would say that 2 to 3 days would be a bit quick. You have many members that may be at work for weeks at a time. I'm sure mods would have access to the email address related to the handle. Maybe not email to the member to remind them of the inactive thread. Not the biggest fan of this because I don't think there is a way to automate it, which means that nods would have to take extra time to do it. Just my 2 .
  14. Ok the I nominate me. I promise to bring lower taxes, healthy livestock, and stable parameters for all. [emoji12] If there is somethong that i dont know, i promise to get the best experts, rake their plans, and bring it to you as my own. And I promise not to build a wall.
  15. I like mine too. I have no t5s, but my tank looks a little more perky. Could be in my head though. I did apex a little differently but my blues top out at 40 and whites a 25 I think. I really like the overall look of the lights. Even in all whites you get a bluish tint. I think I will like them. I'll love them if I get great growth and color.
  16. I ordered 2 of them on Monday. Waiting for them to leave the factory/warehouse. I'm not a very good at waiting.