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  1. Somewhere long ago I read of a recipe to kill Aiptasia that you can make yourself rather than buying Red Sea Aiptasia X.  Anyone know of this and have any input on how it works?  I'm actually trying to kill Pulsating Xenia with it!  I've been successful with the Red Sea, but having to use so much I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.
    Kalkwasser as a paste. Just be careful not to do too much at once because it could elevate your levels.

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  2. Personal not scientific reply:
    Carbon has done 3 things for me from my observation. Kept the look of the water clearer, controlled contaminates, and also the smell of the tank in check.

    I run it passively in my mixed reef. It's in a media bag in a high flow area of my sump. I have a reactor but just don't like rractors because if the extra flow needed.

    There is argument about how long it lasts and how often it should be changed. I change it once a month with a water change. Some say it's only good for a day before it's exhausted while others say it's lasts much longer. I asked mine how long it lasted but it did not answer.

    It's accepted that carbon removes things we can't see it test for. I do know my tank looks better to me with it. Could be reefers goggles though. You know that phenomenom of "I'm trying product "x" so in my mind I see that it's doing what it's supposed to do." That being said, if I see stuff in my tank looking sub par as a whole, I'll change carbon. I've noticed things getting beack to normal.

    There is also argument that the kind of carbon make a difference. Ive used a ton of them and can't say that I've seen negatives from any. I've read that some of the cheaper carbons break apart and can be linked back to hlle. I have no personal experience with this. I believe purity with affect the absorbtion capacity. Could be wrong though. I think the type of carbon become personal preference. Extruded and what I call flakes. I'm sure someone knows the real name. It's just the shape of the carbon. I like the extruded pellets because they have less dust. Which means if the hlle things is true, this should be true.

    I'm currently using rox 0.8 but like I said I've used a lot of different over the last five years. My to requirements are is it extruded and is it as cheap as I kind find at the time I'm buying? You could argue that rox only fits one of those criteria but it was FREE.

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  3. SPS

    thanks guys for all the comments. I obviously didn't make it to FN but trying to make the best out of my tank. Found a few problem areas and have them "almost" fixed "for now".
    I might be able to help you with a really good deal. PM me

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  4. I get a seafood blend from the Asian market, the one without the crab since it's usually imitation. Add pe mysis,shrimp, spectrum pellets, garlic, selcon, some cobalt flake, seaweed strips. If it's dry, I'll add a little rodi, but usually not necessary. The mysis is usually enough liquid to work. Been using it for about 4 years. Never had a nutrient problem and there is something for everyone

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    Yes! We resisted a long time. The month after we embraced social media with a Facebook group, we had over 70 people at our next meet. 
    Really, without social media we would not have been so successful with all we have done. From five years of Fragniappe to MACNA in Nola. That said, you don't typically get those meaningful exchanges of information there like you do on the forums.
    Can I please be a thirty-something too?
    Sure. I just stopped being a 20 something a few weeks ago.

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    We get it. As staff and directors, we tried for the longest time on this medium but were only talking to ourselves. When we utilize other mediums, we get lots of interaction. Social media is a far cry from forums but for us it is simply thriving and allows for the fun in interacting with large numbers of fellow hobbyists in our area.
    I completely understand the shift to social media. It is the world that we live in. Social media is where people are gathering now. I mean fortune 500 companies are putting more resources into social media than websites. Im not knocking the staff for embracing it. Actually I applaud you all for resisting the urge to resist change.

    Just for me, personally I am not a social media guy. Been down that road and exited. I know as a 30 somethings, it's usually unheard of, but deep down I'm like 70. [emoji23]

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  7. I will say that with that glass center brace you will get shadowing from the 2. I know from experience because i think i have the same tank as you. I added a 3rd just to fix this issue and im happy. Not that 2 would not have worked but the shadow created by the glass brace was annoying.

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  8. From Mr Farley:

    Dissolve 10 grams in 1 liter of fresh water. That 10 grams contains 6.14 grams of nitrate, so that solution is 6,140 ppm nitrate.

    If you add 1 ml of the solution per 2 gallons of tank water volume, that will boost nitrate by 0.8 ppm nitrate. 

    I have seen the best coloration around 5ppm. Detectable has always been better than 0.

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  9. Update: mixed a normal batch for me. Mixed 30 gallons at 73°. Took 16 cups to get to 1.026ppm. Not far from what the box says.


    The bad, it mixed at 12dkh. Not even gonna waste my test kits measuring anything else. I will give this salt one more chance since they are sending me another box because this one was beat up. Hopefully this was just a terrible batch.


    I'm also gonna get the lfs to test for me too. Maybe it's just me.


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  10. I know this just hit the market not to long ago and from what I read so far the parameters are very similar to Fritz. Has anyone tried this yet? I'm thinking about ordering a box right now from them because they have such as great sale on it. 205 gallon mix for $48.74.

    Funny you posted this, I was gonna post it tonight when I got in.

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  11. I ordered some and made up 5 gallons. The alk mixed at 10.7 and Cal 370. I didn't bother to check the mg since the other 2 were so far off what's listed. I'm gonna toss that batch and make another to retest. My assumption is that I did something wrong. I'm also gonna take some to a friend to test if the next one mixes weird.

    I will say that it was clear in about 20 minutes.

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