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  1. Don't use more than it says and keep an eye on your PO4. I stripped every nutrient out of my tank and all the SPS were not happy.
  2. Cool. Thanks for the reply
  3. Hey Kim, what's that tenius in IMG 9353 and 9359? Does it have a particular name?
  4. I liked this over the tower. More room for frags than before with all the verticals.
  5. FTS after a move to the new house. Everything did well.
  6. I have the canopy over the tank now. Never really "wanted" a screen but in light of the new situation, I might be making a screen to cover the back of the canopy. Yeah, the little bugger was eating on and off. Always on the prowl for the pods
  7. RIP lil fella. First jumper I have ever had.
  8. I'll be honest. If something causes my skimmer to act up like that and I see the skim is pretty clear, I just drain it back to the sump. Now remember, its a small system and a small skimmer. Is it wrong, yeah, but I have yet to see any I'll affects. I feel the slight salinity change is worse due to the ato filling up what was lost in the cup.
  9. Last I heard it was in BR. I had my old club send me the Apogee meter we had there.
  10. There are a lot of articles that say 800-900 is what sps need. Bull crap. There are just as many people that have great tanks running what you have. I have good results at my setting of 75% white and 75% blue. They are a bit higher but I hate to change anything. Purple monster-424, cap-270, garf bonsai-319, duncan-328, torch-402, blueberry delight-550, green tenuis-343, birdsnest-335.
  11. Stay away from using MDF. It will not last.