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Found 3 results

  1. So I'm almost done with the remodel on my home. With that I will be starting my first reef tank. It is a 75G with the overflow in the center, holes are drilled in the bottom. I plan on starting with a softie tank, then maybe adding some lps down the road. I've uploaded a pdf of my proposed plumbing plans. In red is my planned overflow line, and emergency line. Blue is my return line. Green is a manifold to attach to reactors, skimmer, things of that sort can be added as necessary. The squares on the lines are unions. the ovals are ball valves. and the circles off the lines are gate valves to adjust flow as needed. I have a Jebao DCT8000 for my return pump. Figured for cheaper than the 6000 off amazon I may as well get the larger one, as I can dial it down both from the controller and through gate valves as needed. I may add a filter sock to the overflow line into the sump, but I plan on filling the first chamber with some bio balls a friend has for now. then the second chamber will be for my skimmer, room for returns from reactors if added, may fill with the extra dry rock/rubble rock in the meantime to seed it and add extra biofiltration. the third will be for my return pump, heaters, and ato of course. the width of the chambers is not to scale, and I will do some more measurements to determine what is necessary on that. I have a 36" 2bulb t5/ 1 MH (in the center) fixture, 2 tao electronic blue/white led squares (one of the blues does not work, but I may open it up as the solder is most likely the problem from what I have read), or a current usa orbit 24" led that I can use for lighting. I purchased a jebao RW8 wavemaker, this should be enough, if not I have bought 4 ~800 gph off brand powerheads to use for mixing that I may be able to add temporarily til I can purchase something else. Pictures of the build and aquascaping (have about 90lbs of mixed marco and I believe real reef dry rock to work with thanks to great finds at macna) will come as I begin to set it up. All I have left to purchase is the plumbing, filter replacement kit for my RODI unit, and misc gear like buckets, nets, siphons, fish food, the little stuff. Any input on this plumbing/sump design would be great. Plumbing.pdf
  2. Hey all. I just got everything stabilized equipment wise for my 75 gallon mixed reef tank. It has been running stable for a few months but I had to transfer everything over to a temp tank and reseal it. my current stock list is: oscellaris clown bangai cardinal pinkbar goby cleaner shrimp cuc (snails hermits and a sea hare) my proposed additions: 3x blue/green chromis two spot Bristletooth tang flame dwarf angel any input or suggestions for these and any other ideas. I’ve thought about adding a mandarin down the road but I may put him in my refugium if I get one. A wrasse? More clowns? I’m open to suggestions, so please help me brainstorm.
  3. I finally have my first reef running like I want. I’m considering this the official start because I had to take everything out and reseal the tank. While I had it out in the garage I decided to leave the sand out and black out the back and part of each side to match the overflow weir. I got the tank second hand already running and the water parameters were in bad shape. I now have the parameters in check but have to get hair algae under control. I am running a 6 bulb t5 fixture. May current stock in the tank is as follows: fish/inverts -ocellaris clown -Bangai cardinal -pinkbar goby -arc eye hawkfish -skunk cleaner shrimp corals -Indo blue disco mushroom -neon green rhodactis mushroom -sunny d zoas -arctic ice zoas -candy cane coral -pulsing Xenia - green star polyp I’ve been thinking about a tuxedo urchin and some more hermits for additional cuc. I’m open to suggestions and recommendations for my next additions for fish and corals