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Hello everyone...

Some of you may remember me but who knows who is still around.  I am trying to get back into some reefing now that my daughter, Bo Ember Bradley is almost 3 and into the marine/animal world.  So here is the deal :

28 gallon Nano Cube LED "PROFESSIONAL"
(this lighting set-up they put on this thing is TERRIBLE!!!!)

Custom Cherry stand for short people
(this was made for my toddlers room and I am paralyzed and use a wheelchair)

Aquamaxx HOB-1 Skimmer

NEW LIGHTING consists of this which is pretty much a direct bolt in!

Currently controlled by a Typhon but I am in love with the small driver to dc power supply

Current Inhabitants :

Pair of ORA Midnight Clowns
Yellow Clown Goby

Encrusting Gorgonian

Blue Ridge


I'm interested in some frags for my little girl, I really don't care what just some hardy stuff that can tolerate this tank!  Can anyone help? I will pay for shipping. 

Buttons, GSPs, Shrooms... anything ;)

Text me!  985.273.1699 I can send a FedEx or UPS label and you can ship it to her overnight! 

Thanks a lot guys I hope Bo can become a member of a board like this someday!


Sean Bradley

Owner : Exotics by Nature Co.



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This will be a great learning experience for Bo. Especially for the future when you instruct her on how to build her own plywood tank to transition all of her livestock to. :D

Great to see you around again!

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