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Hello Reef People!


I am a full time student at Florida Gulf Coast University and am a student in the Business Program. We are currently working on a group project and need your help! We are collecting data through our survey to help better adapt our project and understand our community. We are in the process of developing a sustainable way to help re-develop our environment and narrow down a way to help grow the reefs in the Gulf Coast. If you could please take the time to help support us and take our survey please click the link!


Essentially we are creating a service where clients can purchase a portion of a reef that we are growing and will plant into the environment with the help of our college and our biology and environmental teams. Our goal is to take some of our environmental issues such as overfishing and reef decline, repopulate and redevelop parts using the resources at our school. This is where we came up with the concept of ReefRx, its like a prescription medicine but for the reefs and instead of taking a dying reef and putting a band aid on it, we will be developing a sustainable way to create new reefs in the lab to then plant them into the ocean. Once a client purchases their portion of the reef they will then own that piece of coral for the life of the it, the more they support our organization the more they will be able to support their piece of the reef! 


Please feel free to email us with any questions!



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