20 gallon IM Nuvo Drop Off build

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While waiting to get the 90 gallon filled sometime next week, I figured I’d post a little about my other tank that has been up and running since January. I set this tank up originally with only LPS/Softies in mind. When I decided I wanted to build the 90 gallon along with maintain this tank and the 65 I began to put some SPS in it and if they did well I’d move them into the 90 gallon later on. This write up won’t be as detailed as the 90 gallon. More pictures than text. 

All frags came from Fragniappe, John at Aquahut and Aaron Lewis. 


Equipment used in this build 

20 gallon IM Nuvo Drop off Panorama 

Jebao OW-10 powerhead 

Fluval E100 heater 

(first 2 months tank was ran using the hipargero  aqua knight)

AI Prime HD 



Dual Filter Socks 






Manual Dosing/feeding 

Fusion 2 daily 

Phytoplankton bi-weekly 

roti feast daily 

fuel daily 

flatworm x (purely for benefit I have zero pests in this tank) daily 

Coral frenzy bi-weekly 


Water change every Sunday 



Black Ice Clown 

Frostbite Clown 

Red Spotted Dotty Back 


Coral list 

Fire and ice zoa 

Blueberry pie zoa 

Fruit loop zoa 

Radioactive dragon eye zoa 

Bam bam Zoas 

Gatorade Zoas 

Rasta Zoas 

Sunny D Zoas 

Pink ring of death Zoas 

Ultra red discosoma 

Marbled discosoma 

Orange rhodactis 

Neon green rhodactis 

Green and orange Yuma 

Neon green Alveopora 

Pink Goniopora 

Neon green cabbage leather 

Rainbow acan 

Green star polyp 

Neon green toadstool 



Purple Stylophora 

Bubblegum Digitata 

Mystic sunset monti

Teal Staghorn 

Green and Purple Milli 

Sunset Milli 

Ponape Birdsnest 

Pink Lemonade 

Rasberry Limeade 

Cornbread Purple Planet 



This tank began with 12lbs of dry rock and 6lbs of live rock plus a bag of Hawaiian black live sand, cycled using fritz turbo start 900 (this stuff is the real deal) 


Pictures will show this tanks progress from January 1st to April 13th. To date I haven’t lost any livestock or had any close calls. I did receive a brown raspberry limeade frag that is really coloring up. I’ll have to get a picture soon. 




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37 minutes ago, saltyfish808 said:

This is also a cool setup! I always liked the nano drop off tanks. So you will have 3 tanks set up?


Thank you! 


Yessir I will. 

I moved the 65 to my parents because they wanted a tank and I knew I wanted to go larger and change things up. I still maintain it as well. It’s not as bad since it’s a very mature tank and most all LPS/Softies. If I could just get my dad to understand the concept of “over feeding” lol 

here are two pics about a month ago ran some GFO and cleared up the cyano that was beginning. 




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