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Frags Individually Priced HIGH END

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#1 Sunny Ds $20 

#2 Red Goni $25 

#3 AOI Morph Colony $40 

#4 Sunny Ds $25

#5 CB Rainbow Infusion $30

#6 CB Vamps In Drag $25

#7 Sunny D $10

#8 ASD Afterburners $15

#9 WWC Utter Chaos $35

#10 WWC Utter Chaos $35 

#11 CB Vamps In Drag $30 

#12 CB Vamps In Drag $10

#13 CB Vamps In Drag $10

#14 ASD Superman Mushroom $25

#15 The most intense green mushrooms you have ever seen 6 total on this stone $40 

#16 Toxic Branching Hammer MASSIVE HEAD 3" skeleton $40 

#17 Red Goni Colony opens the size of a softball $150 

BOOOOM!!! 002.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 004.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 005.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 006.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 007.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 008.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 010.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 013.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 014.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 015.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 018.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 020.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 024.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 026.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 027.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 030.jpg

BOOOOM!!! 032.jpg

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So unless this dude has a really  good excuse IE. I've been in jail....I've been snorting coke off hookers boobies for 3 days etc. it appears he has ripped me off for 250 bucks....Buyer beware! if he makes it right and comes up with said excuse I will be happy to clear his name

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