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Assistance on my reef tank.

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Hello, after many hours researching and trying to figure out a solution, I've decided to ask the community and learn from what you pros have to say.


A brief history of my tank...

I started my reef tank a while back and I just got busy and wasn't paying much attention to it as I should. It started growing algae and I decided to start all over.

I basically got new live sand and saltwater and transfered the live rock after I tried to pull all the algae and scrub it off. 


So I'm asking the community for any suggestions or tips if this is gonna affect my cycle. 


My water testings for two weeks have been the same at...

0.50 ammonia

0 nitrate

0 nitrite



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If you got new sand, transferred your rock somewhere else and put new rock in then yes it will affect your cycle.  The bacteria will need time to colonize the rock and sand.

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