Dogface Puffy constipated... help

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Hi everyone! 

I have a dogface puffer. He’s almost 3 years old- got him as a baby about 2 inches big. He’s now 6-7 inches, maybe more. He outgrew his tank so a month ago we moved him into a 120. He has not eaten in weeks. We just thought he was adjusting. He was acting happy, swimming, surfing the pumps getting along normal until about a week ago. He started to just sit on sand all day. His color is a little darker than normal. I’ve been reading about puffers getting constipated and I believe he is. He has a little bulge on his under belly and looks like when he tries to poop his butt bulges out a little bit but then nothing. I’ve read other forums saying dosing vinegar might help. So I started that a couple days ago. We tried to give him a frozen pea- nothing. Castor oil soaked clams- nothing. He’s not eating anything. So tonight we moved him to a quarantine tank and dosed it with Epsom salt. 1 TBS. 


Any other ideas, medicines anything you have to offer I’d greatly appreciate. I don’t want to lose him. ☹️

thank you!! 

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