Price drop: Frag rack is full, it's all gotta go. $10 a piece. Monti and zoas

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I'm in Metairie and my 13.5g has a full frag rack with enough polyps on each one to let go of now. I'm asking for $10 a piece because I won't ship. I'll travel as far as La Place or Slidell.


My Monti plates aren't attached to anything. They've grown substantially since I broke them off the main colony and are taking up too much room. The tiny post looking frag is Cyphastrea. I'm not quite confident in selling it yet, but if you want it it's yours. I never generally concerned myself with learning all the names of zoa morphs, so I can't tell you exactly what they are. But if you need a better picture to identify them, let me know. Also, apparently I don't know how to imbed a photo here. So here's an imgur link.



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