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Complete 16g BioCube LED Reef System

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Well wife did not take an interest in the Nano like I thought, so not going to bother trying to keep up two tanks, only built this setup for her. So time to sell/trade it to get some stuff for my big tank.

16g BioCube LED
1.0 Sicce Silent Return Pump
Intank 3 chamber media basket upgrade
Jager 75w Heater
Aquamai KPS Powerhead with controller.
ADJ 8 Slot powerstrip - Not even been hooked up yet.
Two fishes Nano magnet cleaner.
Custom Built Stand - Built like a tank.

Live Rock/Live Sand
There is a Kenya Tree, Toadstool, Gorg in there if you want it.

I had an ATO on the system, but found out that because of the BioCube Lid this thing doesn't evaporate water hardly ever, so really no point in the ATO, I still have it and can add it to the setup if you really want, but going to up the price obviously. I have a XPAqua Duetto ATO. This is not included unless you ask.

I've got probably $700+ in this setup. I'm willing to sell outright for $500, not parting out, just isn't worth the hassle.

Everything on this is brand new, tank has been up a little over a month, it is fully cycled though as I used Bottle Bac plus live rock from my main DT. Steve my orange storm clown has been in there since Day 1, he is not included. I'll be adding him back to the DT.

I'm also interested in trades - Coral/Equipment. Send me a tell and I'll give you my phone #





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