(All taken! Ty) AI Prime HD, frag stuffs, FijiBox insert, and miscellaneous

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 Prime HD with cosmetic defect (puppy chewed on the cord a bit), comes in box and with suspension kit 
$80 (SOLD) 




Fragging kit/miscellaneous, Coral RX is unopened, frag rack holds 14, assorted plugs, bone cutters, and a random flow generator size 1/2" 
$35 (pending) 



Other miscellaneous including the Prime, salinity calibration fluid, leftover PhosGuard and Purigen, refractometer, food stuffs, and automatic feeder
$20 (sold) 



Dry rock, can't be more than a pound or so I think so $5 is fine idk lol 



Fiji Box AIO insert (rated for 10g) +  Kedsum 170GPH pump - $60 (sold) 



(photos and post will be updated as things get sold)


Also, see my post on the livestock section, I have a 5g pico I'm also getting rid of 


I am moving in a few months so I need these things gone 

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