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Full Setup For Sale - 180 Gallon Planet Aquarium

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Getting out of the hobby. Life demands are too great at the moment, and I am not able to keep up with maintenance on the tank to give it justice. Will not part out equipment at this time, Buyer takes all. 

Asking $2500 OBO.
Planet Aquariums 180 gallon 6x2x2 with a center overflow. Dual drain and dual returns from the overflow. The tank sits on a 2" x 1/4"thick stainless steel square tubing with a 1/4 stainless plate across the top.
The skin stand and canopy sits at 8' long and 92" tall. The stand has a built in fan to the left side and the canopy has smaller fans as well.

Trigger systems tideline 48 sump.
Bubble Magus curve 7 internal skimmer.
Kessil Refugium light
Trigger emerald 10g ato reservoir
tunze osmolator ato
Jebao 4 channel dosing pump.
BRS dual carbon / gfo reactor
2 - 1 gallon acrylic dosing containers
2 vortex mp40 quiet drive pumps
jebao dc12000

3 - AI Hydra 26hds

Have a ton of extras that I will be throwing in. 3 brute trash cans, extra jebao 8000 return pump, additional powerheads, heaters, some testing equipment, 5 gal bucket of carbon, big bucket of gfo, random chemicals and additives, I've got a lot or stuff accumulated, as you all can imagine.


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