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Jebao 8000 pump - $50

Jebao 6000 pump - $30

Reef Octopus Diablo DCS-250 - $225

Aqua Euro USA Chiller - $250

Clear Water Scrubber CW-50 (Algae Scrubber) - $125

Reef Octopus Skimmer Stand - $25

Odyssea UV Pro light - $25

Various Reactors (4 Total) - $20 each

Aqueon 250w Heater - $15

Various wave pumps (3 total) - $20 for all 3

Frag Rack - $5

Flipper Magnetic Cleaner - $20

Penn-Plax Cascade Canister Filter System (only what's shown) - $20


Either reply here or email me at


Algae Scrubber 2.jpg

Algae Scrubber.jpg

Chiller 2.jpg




skimmer stand.jpg


UV Sterilizer.jpg


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