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120 Planet Aquarium For Sale

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120 gallon Planet Aquarium, rimless. Tank and all equipment bought new. Tank was set us for a year. We renovated our home having to tear it down, deciding not to set it back up. Asking $3,000.00 for all. The following is included:


- Bubble Magus media reactor w/ WP1000 pump

- Bubble Magus Elite 7 protein skimmer

- Bulk Reef Supply RO system (whole system with extra parts)

- Bubble Magus dosing system

- EcoTech Marine Vectra M1 pump

- Tunze 3155 Osmolator

- Reeflink

- (1) XR30 pro

- (2) XR15 pro

- (3) light mounts ( 1 for XR 30 and 2 for XR15)

- Trigger Ruby 36 sump

- APEX classic system w/ PH and temperature probe

- (2) magnetic frack racks (small and large)

- (2) heaters

- Refractometer 

- Lab grade thermometer

- Various test kits

- (2) older MP40s

- Live rock


Photos can be seen here:


Text for any questions or pictures @ 225-747-5033


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