120 Gallon Full System

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I have way too many hobbies and my tank has been neglected so I am looking to move on.  I have a 5’ long 120 gallon tank for sale with the following.  

  • steel stand with magnetic wood panels and adjustable feet
  • wood canopy with doors and flip open lid
  • Apex classic
  • Neptune Dos
  • 1 Neptune Wav (other one broke but this one is new)
  • 1 mp40 (6 months old)
  • vortech battery backup
  • vortech l1 return pump
  • Reef octopus Diablo external skimmer (varios pump)
  • Small mag drive pump to feed skimmer
  • Reef Breeders Photon led light
  • pair of 24v dosing pumps wired to apex
  • Neptune feeder
  • neptune ATO
  • spectrapure ato pump
  • triple float switch ATO
  • BRS dual filter canister for carbon/gfo
  • 40b sump with glass baffles
  • Amazon grow light for fuge 
  • MRC calcium reactor with 5lb bottle and regulator
  • ghost style overflow with triple drains
  • outdoor mixing station with 55 gallon drums, mag 9 pump and avast barrel tender
  • air water ice RODI


I’m sure I am forgetting some things and will add them as I remember.  I would like to get $2,000 for the complete setup including rocks and sand and at this time am not interested in parting it out.  

I can also help with delivery around Baton Rouge if you don’t have a truck as it is a heavy tank and stand. 

here is the build thread from a few years ago with more details.









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Bump and also selling individual parts.  Prices below and will discount if everything is bought at once.


Apex Classic $325
ATK $120
1link $100
Wav $100
Apple Airport $75
Reef Breeders Photon 48+ Sold
Ecotech Vectra L1 $325
Tank, Stand, Sump, heaters, fuge light, misc fittings and plumbing $750
24V dual dosing pump (connects to 1Link 24v ports) $50
Skimz L90 Pump (never been wet) $100
Diablo 250ext Skimmer (Varios 6 Skimmer pump and Sicce feed) $300
Triple float switch ATO with breakout box and Spectrapure pump $100
BRS Dual Filter Canister $200
BRS Skimmer CO2 Reactor $20.00
MRC CR-6 Calcium Reactor, Bottle, Regulator $300
Dual 55g Mixing Station and 150 GPD RODI $200


PM me for pictures of any of the items.  Most are in the process of cleaning now.

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