20g waterbox cube with tons of livestock and equipment

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I am throwing around the idea of selling my waterbox 20 cube. I don’t have the time to maintain it and keep everything like it should be. It will come with everything including 2 ai primes, tank, stand, filter media, dry rock, rodi system, salt, water jug, eco tech marine battery backup and mp10, test kits and salinity checkers, and any other equipment I’m forgetting, everything in the tank including live rock, sand, corals- green torch, Xenia, recordea,a few different types of zoas, flowerpot, duncan coral, 2 bubble tip anemone, 3 green leather corals, and 2 acans along with a blue mandarin and 2 black clownfish. I don’t have to sell it and I’m not taking any low ball offers. I have over $1000 of equipment and livestock in this tank. Give me a text at 2253637336 with any questions on offers. you have to break it down when picked up. Shoot me a offerD752B68B-F18F-489A-9136-3C5453EBFA8A.thumb.jpeg.7b3d4eacaf327504315d5e2ce95c46d6.jpeg4678B8AE-7FD2-4998-947B-C38A44144647.thumb.jpeg.556fd3cbe2178b51036bd51691abd8d8.jpeg302A1F67-5A15-4E4A-89DB-3553699B566B.thumb.jpeg.ad2f33dbc16719ffa1fbc01ef40d7529.jpegAE28E64E-2E44-464B-934E-AA3519455F9B.thumb.jpeg.4b062367c959161d9df72adc20cc92a3.jpegFB33B209-B6A8-4454-A76A-E4DAE2458DB6.thumb.jpeg.c667f88ea0c354332553559d80109769.jpeg6D9C8503-D4CF-4F1D-9697-D26A214A79A4.thumb.jpeg.add2aa3c4e3124e0886e556dd61662b2.jpegD801E29A-DD87-4028-AC9C-3CEEC373CBBB.thumb.jpeg.b5817d0c897ae0d686edf88efec285ac.jpegEC88AAC6-631D-4771-A127-FFDC604B79E3.thumb.jpeg.9c595765135093f7736f3896dbd5e7e3.jpegEEAD0E41-346D-4659-9033-669DE7EDDE2F.thumb.jpeg.93cd3baa00d4806f80f09d58abe257d4.jpeg8FE3266C-7816-4136-903D-4F2D63AF7508.thumb.jpeg.009508112662503a657f06c70bb2e083.jpegA695F221-3260-433E-841A-DD146C81E456.thumb.jpeg.d2b28fcd538a3272401f2ea354604a30.jpeg

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