Hai's 120 gallon

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Very nice Hai.  


I really need to get my frag QT tank up, so I can start stockpiling some of these pieces that BC lists...  Sweet!

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Gems that you don't even find when you come over lol


thanks guys, I'll play around and see if the 24-70 can take better pictures later today.

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On February 25, 2014 at 2:09 PM, ihigh said:

I never posted the whole build process, so may as well clump everything together. I started back up again 2 years ago and had a 75g. I was able to get a steal (traded a biocube 29 for a 120g) and here we are.


Cleaned it as best as I could with tai



My parents house is interesting, so this stain wouldn't have worked



Sanded it down with my dad and repainted it



Got it into the new spot in the house



Used the old sump from my 75g and transferred the 75g into the 120g. Biggest mistake was re-using sand, NEVER again.



now you see why! but things got settled and...half and half shots of the tank(late november)





I did upgrade some new gear though, black friday sale netted me a vertex omega 130









took about a month to get it dialed in, but it now pulls out dark gunk that is 2/3-3/4 of the collection cup per week (change/clean every sunday)



That's two days worth


Originally the gear was: 2 AI vegas, SCA302 skimmer, phosban 150, eheim 1262 return pump. Dosing pump hasn't been installed (I have it sitting around)


New Gear will be AI Hydra52 or Radion Pros, Vertex Omega 130, and dosing pump doing alk/ca/vinegar instead of Zeo FWS. 

are you selling the tank

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